Who we are

Pamco Engineering Ltd. specializes in complex geotechnical works that require superior engineering skills, advanced equipment, and reliable execution. Pamco Engineering Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shura Ltd, a veteran Israeli construction company, which is a member of Oron Group Investments & Holdings Ltd.

  1. Areas of Activity

  • Exploratory drilling to depths of 600 m while applying various drilling methods – wireline, auger and rock bit – in various soil conditions
  • Wide diameter drilling – 8″-12″ – to depths of 200 m for purposes of cathodic protection of various installations such as fuel tanks
  • Casing drilling with the ability to execute diagonal drilling to substantial depths for purposes of creating observation wells for monitoring groundwater levels and the migration of contaminants in soil, and for locating suitable strata for performing injection pumping of water drawn in construction projects, primarily in central Israel.
  • Installation of permanent and temporary soil and rock bolts in all soil and rock conditions. Pamco has developed a unique power cell method for anchors.
  • Drilling and insertion of vertical drains used to accelerate consolidation processes in clay soils
  • Tunneling works: Pamco drills forepoling umbrellas at the entrance to tunnels, and performs shotcrete and bolting.
  • Structural load testing
  1. Completed Works

  • Gilon Tunnel on the Akko-Karmiel Railway: installation of permanent and temporary rock bolts, temporary and permanent anchors and forepoling umbrella at the eastern portal.
    Client: Danya Cebus, Ltd. – CCECC
    • Aked Tunnel on the high-speed rail line to Jerusalem: installation of 17 m long grouted soil bolts at the eastern and western portals and theinstallation of a forepoling umbrella at the point of penetration of the TBM to a depth of 17 m, including insertion and grouting of heavy pipe.
    • Comprehensive geotechnical survey at the Dead Sea as part of the efforts by the Dead Sea Preservation Government Company, Ltd. (SPC) to preserve structures and shores in the area impacted by the rise in the level of operations Pan 5/8.
    • 12″ diameter drilling to a depth of 170 m for purposes of installing anodes, constituting part of the cathodic protection system at Ben-Gurion international Airport.
    • Construction of a survey tunnel at Gilboa in the framework of the Pumped Storage Project. Client: Shtang-Azaria Tunneling Works. The tunnel was constructed using the NATM method supported by lattice girders, forepoling, bolting and shotcrete.

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Areas of Activity